Q: I noticed my guest book entry was listed twice. How do I go about removing one of the entries?

A: Please write to info@legacy.com or call 888-397-9494 and they will remove the entry for you.

Q: How do I write an entry in a guest book?

A: Go to www.courant.com and click on Obituaries (on the left). Locate the obituary for the person you ,wish to create an entry for and click on "View/Sign Guest Book.

Q: Are guestbook entries read for content?

A: Yes, all guestbook entries are read by legacy.com before they are posted.

Q: Can a guestbook entry be removed if I feel it is in bad taste.

A: Guestbooks and all entries can only be removed from the web if the person calling is the person who is handling the affairs for the deceased. (who do they call? Legacy or us?)

Q: If I enter a guestbook entry how long will it take before it is posted?

A: Guestbook entries should be posted within 24 hours. If your entry is not posted within that time please contact info@legacy.com.

Q: How do I search an obituary older than 1 year?

A: An obituary representative at the Harford Courant can search for an obituary that has appeared within the last 5 years. If the obituary appeared more than five years ago you need to contact our research department at 860-241-4072, and there will be a charge for your search.

Q: How do I place an obituary/memoriam?

A: Go to www.courant.com and click on Obituaries (on the left side of the page). Then click on "Place a Notice" on the left side of the page. Click on the appropriate link for a private individual or funeral home, and complete the form that follows. You'll be able to upload files and photos, and will be contacted with pricing information before the obit will run.